Friday, July 01, 2005

Ahhhhhhh! Run for your lives!

Yikes!!!! It is CRAZY at Wal*Mart. See I thought I would be a sweet little daughter and help my mom out by doing the grocery shopping. Ever since she has started working again she is a lot busier, and my dad is only home on the weekend, so I know she really doesn't like to spend her valuable weekend time shopping. After school was out I started shopping for her. Well last night she asked me, "Are you SURE you want to go to Wal*Mart for me this week?" I said,"Of course, why wouldn't I?" She said, "It's gonna be busy." Boy was she right!! While I was there I got ran over/into by multiple buggies. People were acting ridiculous. I even saw some people play "bumper buggies". I guess they were thinking maybe if i shove my way through here people will get out of my way and I can leave faster. Everybody is gettting ready for the "big 4th of July weekend". I think there were a jillion people there. People were in such a hurry and being extremely rude. I mean it was already raining outside, so why were they in such a hurry to get to the lake anyway? I was trying to beat my world record for my weekly shopping time, and I succeeded in that,(I was only there for an hour!!!!) but not by being rude unlike some people. Gee. I was waiting to be waited on at the deli section, and people kept getting in front of me. I just smiled at them. For some reason, people think that since I am a 16 year old girl that I don't really deserve help or service. I dunno. Any way I finally get waited on after 15 minutes. This lady goes, "Whada you want?" I looked at my list and said, "Ma'am I need 1 pound of Virginia baked ham sliced thin, please?" and smiled. She said in a very condesending tone, "Well that's just to bad! We are out." and turned around before I could say anything. I stood there for a minute or two and somebody finally decided to help me. The produce section was full of people and not very much produce. Everybody was reaching over everybody fighting like animals for tomatoes. I was glad to get out of there. Even thankful to load the groceries in my car in the pouring rain. They almost didn't fit. That would have not been good. I'm done venting now.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

We have Bison not Buffalo!!

Some random things I have learned in history class:
1. There are no (native) buffalo in the United States. They are all actually bison.
2. Native Americans used every part of the bison. They squished up the brains and used them to tan the hide of the bison.
3.When they wanted to make the skin soft like into a baby blanket, the women chewed the hide to make it soft. Imagine instead of quilting bees, they would have chewing bees. That would make it quite difficult to talk I figure.

Oh I have an upcoming paper. I need an idea of a person or event that changed America forever. I would like to do it on a Christian leader or event if I could think of one. It has to come after 1870(Approximately the end of the Civil War) up to anything currently.

Please give me some of your thots. Thanks bunches!! : )

Monday, June 27, 2005

Summer Time Flies!!

Wow! Today has finally calmed down. I have had a pretty crazy week. So I'll tell you about some of the highlights.

Church Camp- It was amazing!! Boy was God moving and changing lives. We suprised the satan with our desire for God and our plan to follow His will no matter what. Well, night two he tried to play catch up but with God's help we didn't let him. There were a little over sixty campers. 25 of those kids made decisions! Woooohooooo! Our God is great!! I had one of the best worship experiences out there with a group from Cooper Prairie Church in Mansfield, AR. They led drama skits with music, kinda song and dance. satan worked on our music though we had guitar strings breaking, piano pedals not working, the wrong chords for whole songs, no feedback in some of the monitors, and all kinds of stuff, but God prevailed and kids worshipped Him. It was a great, great experience.

U.S. History I- Yes! I have one semester finished, and by God's grace alone, I passed it with a 4.0 That was most definetly all Him. One more class to go-U.S. History II. Sometimes I wonder if I am completely crazy to be in High School and spend my summer taking college classes. Oh well.

Lake Trip- This weekend I went to the lake with one of my best friends, Aarika. I hadn't seen her since school got out. We had a lot of catching up to do. It was a great girls weekend. We did all kinds of silly stuff that 16 year old girls would do, except no shopping. Can you believe that?? Took tons of great pictures for scrapbooking. Right now I have a lovely sunburn. It's kinda weird because today I don't look burnt but it still hurts. We were out on the lake for 2 and 1/2 days tho. Apparently putting on sunscreen 5 times a day is not enough. But we were out tubing Saturday evening and two party barges full of teenage guys were going by us and yelling and waving and wanting us to come hang out. Well I had to give Christopher a hard time about this because of course me or Aarika would never do this, but it was really funny. I guess because they went around our boat like three times. and If they knew us, trust me they wouldn't have been getting excited like they were. We weren't their style. Christopher didn't find it so funny though.

Today I'm cleaning house for mom and doing laundry. She'll be happy when she gets home from work. Then I gotta make a Wal*Mart run. Talk to you later.